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2015-04-29 11:03 pm

[Rough Draft] Sardoc's Past

Your memory starts in the snow, and that sits well with you.

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2015-04-27 10:04 pm

Until the Fireflies Light Up Your Sky

Title: Until the Fireflies Light Up Your Sky
Fandom: One Piece
Character(s): Quinto Roronoa (OC), Zuzen Roronoa (OC)
Rating: G
Notes: The tie-in to Consider the Sea Beasts that no one wanted. A sort of writing exercise for the author. Shameless self-indulgence. Etc.

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2015-04-18 10:59 pm

[Rough Draft] Duparis and Quinto in North Blue

Not for the first nor the last time this evening alone, Roronoa Quinto questions his choice to follow a certain captain by the name of Duparis the Gentleman.

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